Carine and Elizabeth Krecké

After a long experience in photo-realist drawing, we started experimenting with a new technique of drawing in combination with digital technologies, in order to create a simulation of black and white photography. Between 2000 and 2006, we developed two series: fictitious photographs and film stills from non-existent movies. Sometimes our clichés , or simulations, feature screen icons-Terence Stamp, Donald Sutherland, Isabelle Adjani and Marilyn Manson, among others-in movies that were never made. But most of the time, we produce anonymous celebrities whose identities escape us, but who somehow seem familiar to anyone used to the stereotyped Western mass media and pop culture. This sensation of déjà vu reinforces the photographic illusion of our pictures. The French philosopher Marc Jimenez, referring to possible alliances between art and technology, perfectly sums up the state of our fake photographs project, in which nothing is quite what it seems. “Elaborating ‘true’ images of objects that do not exist, creating ‘real fictions’ — or ‘fictitious realities’ — means changing the very status of the real.” (From Le portique, No. 3, 1999). 

An autumn note

“For many, the end of this uneasy year cannot come quickly enough”

An ordinary killing

Ian Cobain’s book uses the killing of Millar McAllister to paint a meticulous portrait of the Troubles

Greater—not wiser

John Mullan elucidates the genius of Charles Dickens