Patrick Heren

Patrick Heren

“In the summer of 1980, in the grip of some Kerouac-ish fantasy, I opted to hitch-hike from Laredo to New York”

“Roger Wagner would be a remarkable artist in any age. H His work is informed by the great tradition of Western art, yet there is nothing old-fashioned about it”

A hundred years ago, a week before the end of the First World War, Wilfred Owen died in action. In verse and prose, he speaks to us still

Around the world, public institutions are being pressured by activists to divest themselves of their fossil fuel holdings. They should resist

Tiny Fordwich in Kent, still thriving after 1,400 years, faces a new invasion: London foodies

Donald Trump says he wants the US to be energy-independent. Opec should take heed

The realkommerz of global trade makes it difficult to avoid enriching dictatorships and tyrants

All Edgar Speyer’s good works could not save him amid the hysteria of the First World War

COP21 promised utopia but delivered little. Developing countries need cheap energy, not handouts that will be lost to corruption

The costly and impractical Climate Change Act was nodded through by a lazy Commons and has been rendered obsolete by the oil price collapse