An extract from the forthcoming second volume of memoirs by David Pryce Jones

‘Everybody loved Jake Rosenheim, except his son Jimmy, who hated him’

“Why do we want what we want? Where do our desires come from? Why do we chase the things that elude us?” A dialogue between René Girard and Robert Pogue Harrison, introduced by Cynthia Haven

The hitherto unknown wartime poems by Robert Conquest, with commentary by his wife and editor Elizabeth, take us back to a time when national survival was in mortal peril

‘A sudden reassertion of national sovereignty and identity is perceived by many as a reversal of what has come to resemble a natural order of things’

A new Chicago short story by Joseph Epstein

The opening of the Royal Academy’s new building will give it back its original intellectual intent, as a place of thinking about art as well as exhibiting it

Thoughts on the survival of Western civilisation