Where’s Eady?

Lord Neuberger, the Master of the Rolls, has set up a committee to examine super-injunctions and injunctions that bind the press. An announcement this morning indicated that the decision was in response to recommendations made by MPs on Culture, Media and Sport Committee.

In February, the Commons committee said that the “Trafigura and Barclays cases raise issues over the use of injunctions for breach of confidence by companies which do not have Article 8 rights to defend, the ease with which they appear to be granted and the consistency of practice in the court system”. 

The  members of Lord Neuberger’s committee are:

  • Master of the Rolls (Chairman) 
  • Lord Justice Moore-Bick 
  • Mr Justice Tugendhat 
  • Desmond Browne QC 
  • Alisdair Pepper (Carter Ruck) 
  • Rod Christie-Miller (Schillings) 
  • Marcus Partington (Trinity Mirror) 
  • Gill Phillips (Guardian News & Media) 
  • Michelle Dyson (Ministry of Justice) 
  • John Sorabji (Legal Secretary to the Master of the Rolls)

Question for sharp-eyed observers: which well-known High Court judge with considerable experience of injunctions against the media is not included in this list?

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