Welcome to the new Standpoint website

We hope you enjoy Standpoint‘s new-look website. We expect the site to function smoothly, but it is still in Beta so please report any problems you encounter, and, more generally, please let us know what you think of the new design, either by commenting on this piece below, or by writing to web@standpointmag.co.uk .

The site now features a large stable of new and exclusive bloggers, including Nick Cohen, Joshua Rozenberg and Michael Burleigh, and all the content from the print edition that was previously unavailable online, including image galleries for ‘Drawing Board’, our monthly visual arts showcase, and for Peter Blegvad’s cartoon strip. Dominic Lawson’s chess column will now be available here, as will ‘Text’, the poetry and short story section of the magazine.

This new site, designed by Josa Young, functions in a similar way to the old Standpoint site for the most part, but it has a range of new features that we hope will make it easier and more efficient to use.

Foremost among these are the improved search engine, and the Writers A-Z which allows you to look up any of our writers and quickly access a short biography and a list of their articles for Standpoint.

You will also notice ‘Tag-clouds’ around the site, which dynamically present the various topics being addressed in Standpoint, according to frequency. You can use these to search for articles by topic. All articles are now also equipped with a full complement of ‘social bookmarking’ features, allowing you to save and share articles of interest.

As always we welcome your participation in the comments areas beneath every article, and look forward to hearing from you.

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