The Great Trump War: Round Two

‘Despite unprecedented harassments, President Trump has had the most successful first term in US history except for Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Richard Nixon’

Conrad Black

Round Two of the Great Trump War is ending amidst unprecedented challenges to voting irregularities, and the suspension of control of the United States Senate to await two special elections in Georgia on January 5. President Trump won Round One four years ago, to the astonishment of almost everyone: the only person ever elevated to the US presidency not to have held or sought any public office, elected or unelected, nor ever having held a military command.

He developed a technique of translating celebrity and a clear message tirelessly expressed into high political office, after changing parties seven times in 13 years while waiting for his opportunity to strike. He was the first president since Andrew Jackson in 1824 to promise, believably, to clean out the federal government, change its direction in many areas and effectively dispense with the entire political class. He ran against all factions of both parties and against the worst 20 years of presidential incompetence in the country’s history—endless, fruitless war, the worst economic debacle since the Great Depression, and steady loss of place to China, while the world took America’s jobs through mistaken trade agreements. A savage battle, his raged these four years, as he tried to dispose of all the old establishment: the entrenched defence included the unfounded and almost certainly criminally launched Trump-Russia collusion inquiry and the following completely spurious impeachment trial.

Despite these unprecedented harassments, President Trump has had the most successful first term in US history except for Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Richard Nixon. He addressed the greatest scandal of modern American history: the tacit agreement between both parties to admit between 10 and 20 million illegal and almost entirely unskilled immigrants across the southern border, because the Democrats harvested their votes even though they were ineligible as non-citizens, and Republican employers enjoyed the cheap labour. This influx strained the education, social, and police systems of the southwestern states and effectively stagnated the income of the less-skilled sector of the American workforce for many years. Trump has practically eliminated illegal immigration by strengthening the southern border.

By this measure and by reducing the taxes of 83 per cent of taxpayers, vastly deregulating to encourage business initiatives, and generously sponsoring investment in disadvantaged “enterprise zones”, Trump had practically eliminated unemployment prior to the onset of the Covid pandemic. There were 750,000 more positions to be filled than there were unemployed and he was generally assumed likely to be easily reelected. This is essentially how he raised his share of the traditionally Democratic African-American vote by 50 per cent and doubled his share of the Hispanic American vote between 2016 and 2020. The Trump administration had the lower 20 per cent of American income-earners gaining income in percentage terms more quickly than the upper 10 per cent, and was thus the first serious jurisdiction in the world to tackle the universal income disparity problem.

Trump spared the country the Green Terror of destroying the petroleum industry to fight a global warming that has not been happening in the last 50 years, while maintaining high environmental standards. He sharply lowered the poverty and violent crime rates and ended oil imports (which stood at 15 million barrels a day at the end of the Clinton administration). He pushed his Nato allies into $400 billion of additional military expenses in accord with their commitments, revitalised the US Armed Forces, made the greatest progress in Middle East peace since Carter’s Camp David Agreement in 1978, revived the concept of nuclear non-proliferation in respect of Iran and North Korea, mobilised Western opinion to the Chinese challenge, and encouraged China’s neighbours, especially India and Japan, in what amounts to an enlightened containment policy. He stuffed the federal courts with constitutionalist judges including three members of the Supreme Court. Despite, as has often occurred with him, bungled public relations, he sharply curtailed economic damage from Covid-19 and advanced the timetable for a vaccine, the only possible solution, by at least two years.

It has been a formidable record of achievement and the majority of Americans declared themselves better off than they had been four years before. In the face of overwhelming press and polling antagonism, and though outspent two to one, the Republicans made impressive gains in the House of Representatives and across the country and are likely to retain control of the Senate and win back the House in two years.

The president himself was sandbagged by a totalitarian, hate-filled media for four years, one of the principal targets of his assault on Washington, assisted it must be said by some of Trump’s stylistic infelicities and foibles.

The credulous British public have been fed the Trump-hating snobbery and lies of the Guardian, BBC, FT, and Economist these four years and could scarcely have any notion of what has been happening in the US. The Democrats have a partially senescent candidate whose family received $9.4 million for unspecified services from China, Russia and Ukraine while Biden was the vice president. The Democrats’ programme, written by self-proclaimed socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, could have been written by Jeremy Corbyn and is completely unacceptable to the American electorate. If Biden is inaugurated, his government will be a shambles and his only chance of being successful will be to ignore the far-left elephants in the room, and cooperate with the Republican leaders in the Congress to get something useful accomplished.

His party is a coalition of the Big Rich, Big Media, Big Tech, academia, Hollywood, professional sport, the urban guerrillas and hooligans who conducted “peaceful protests” all summer all around the country that killed scores of people, wounded 700 policemen, and caused more than $2 billion of property damage, and the detritus of the old Democrats, all riding a wave of confected Trump-hate. Biden didn’t campaign—the treacherous media did it for him and it was still a squeaker, with Republican victory down-ballot.

Joe Biden is the most unimpressive person ever elected to this position and he does not remotely possess the competence or stature to make an effective government out of the Democratic riffraff. Nostalgia for President Trump will soon become vertiginous. He should win the third and deciding round of the Great Trump War. 

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