The Oncologist’s Nightmare

A new poem

Why can’t you tell me what’s wrong with my wife?
ABC.  HER2.  Biopsy.
Cytotoxic.  Don’t you care about my life?
Herceptin.  ER.  Histopathology.
Refractory.  This shouldn’t have happened.
Don’t you know the answer?  Anaplastic.
Why do you say things that don’t mean a damn?
HDC.  CEA.  Metastatic.
When the hell will you give us a prognosis?
Neuron-specific enolase.  MDR.
I don’t understand.  Why do I feel like this?
Mx.  Stage IV.  LCIS.  NK.
Undifferentiated.  DNR.
How stupid a doctor are you, anyway?

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