New poems

New poems

A giant, vampire squid

One hell of a carry to put around you,
   Your ears, your face,
All flesh will soon be blessed
   With Dollar Calamare/Empire Squid.
A bug bitten son of a trail commission
   Hero of friendly, breaking-your-leg, persuasion
Some giant playground to return to later
   Performs a ten minute trade with naked option.
When trading, just a feeling he’s just visiting
   His pathetic victim
Tied to wheelchair or investment prism.
   The prospectus read: that’s for little people.
By lowering you down to depths
   Of unimaginable shrimpness
Where they borrow against you
   Before you’re eaten.
Stunned by some flash trade
   Others deeply impressed
Can help with clarification
   By easing the trading of funnies,
Pegging the currency or stress testing unfavourably
If not squid,
   A bank that’s on the move with giant tentacle.
Knowing it cannot fail/quite impossible.
   The house wins like every best casino.
Monte Carlo or Dead Sea Scroll
   It doesn’t matter,
If you have the ace,
  You have the hole.

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The ravenous longing for the infinite possibilities of “otherwhere”

The king of cakes

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