World War II

Nostalgia for the war runs deep in our cultural memory; Matthew Sweet’s new book shows why

The war efforts of thousands of allied Muslim soldiers in the two World Wars points to our shared heritage

‘One of my most vivid memories, though, is the weekly visit from “the Arab with the eggs”, as we called him. The arrival on our doorstep of this mysterious figure never failed to thrill and terrify me. There he would stand, wrapped from head to toe in layers of what looked like grey blankets, his swarthy face barely visible beneath his Arab headdress’

‘Many modern historians are reluctant even to deploy terms like “good” and “evil”

Moral Combat: A History of World War II by Michael Burleigh

Alfred Toepfer posed as a peacemaker in postwar Europe and lavished awards on British artists. Unknown to them, he played a key role in the Third Reich and helped war criminals flee justice

Jean Moulin, the leader of the struggle against the Nazis, died in 1943. Now his aide’s memoirs have revived controversy

A new life of Adam von Trott, executed for plotting to kill Hitler, rescues his integrity