War on Terror

The newspapers are reporting today on the case of Colleen LaRose (aka ‘Jihad Jane’), who was arrested in October last year in connection with a plot to murder Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks for drawing a picture of Mohammed with a dog’s body.  Reports suggest that the seven arrests in Ireland on Tuesday were also in connection with this plot.

Reproduced below is an extended version of a blog I wrote last week on the the crucial role that ideology will play in a strategy to defeat the Taliban. This was published on Monday by Hudson New York.

The Times reports today on the ‘Taliban payoff row’ surrounding the plans set out yesterday during the London Afghanistan conference to coax factions that are fighting under the Taliban umbrella into switching sides.  It may be difficult, particularly for those who have lost family members in the conflict, to agree to pay people to stop killing our troops, but it might just be the only way to win this war.

I’ve recently obtained a statement from al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) claiming responsibility for the abortive terrorist attack on Delta airlines last week. I’m replicating the statement below for readers of this blog, interspersed with my own commentary.

More convictions today in the ‘airliner bomb plot’ which led to all those restrictions being placed on liquids being carried on board aircraft. The Associated Press reports:

I’m pasting the details of a press release from British Muslims for Secular Democracy below. I’ve been speaking with their vice-chair, Shaaz Mahboob, in the last few days and am hugely impressed with everything he’s trying to achieve.

Blogging about the law is not really my remit – not least because my fellow blogger here at Standpoint, Joshua Rozenberg, is the resident expert. That said, I couldn’t help but comment on the news from yesterday’s Sunday Times that about thirty ‘high risk’ terrorist suspects are due for release soon.

I see my fellow blogger, Alexander Hitchens, beat me to it in posting about the IPPR report on engaging with Islamists but I couldn’t resist chipping in with a few thoughts of my own.

Friday’s news that the Obama administration have approved unconditional talks with Iran has rightly eclipsed another important development in the Obama engagement ideology: the recent announcement that talks have also been opened up with Pakistan’s Jamaat e-Islami (JI).  Below is my latest contribution to Hudson, where I cover this strange decision.

Although the liberal-Left has not so far proved any connection to the BNP, the so-called Communities Secretary, John Denham, has been making fatuous analogies between the English Defence League/Stop the Islamisation of Britain, and the BUF members who invaded Cable Street in the 1930s.