Vaughan Williams

It is a misfortune shared by several composers — notably British ones, who still struggle to be valued by those loath to travel beyond Mozart and Beethoven — to be known for only one work, despite having written many that merit recognition. It was Gustav Holst’s misfortune to have written The Planets, which made him famous, and have given him an international reputation since he died in 1934. And yet Holst wrote music of almost uniformly high quality, much of which is little known, even though well recorded. 

Far from being a diluted form of the orchestral work, piano transcriptions often reveal hidden depths to old favourites

For too long the Proms showcased foreign music. Now, under Roger Wright, it is well and truly a Great British festival

For too long British classical music has gone unheard. Thankfully, what was once deemed a “guilty pleasure” is now getting regular airtime