US politics

“If the Donald is the GOP candidate, he will lose. The only question then will be how great the damage to the rest of the party will be”

It is hard to see anyone else winning this year. But Hillary’s White House tenancy will be turbulent, with Obama sniping from the wings

We are witnessing a gigantic confidence trick being perpetrated against the most powerful and prosperous people on the planet.

The President And The Apprentice is an intriguingly contrarian retelling of the story of Nixon and the Eisenhower presidency

How American politics became polarised

In the US and Canada, rules have been tightened to prevent electoral fraud. Britain should follow suit, starting with the abuse of postal votes

Both Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn are hostile to the establishment and oppose centrist politics — but the similarities between these apparent opposites go much deeper than that

The administration is in deep trouble on healthcare and national security