British higher education could be the best in the world if the Tories follow the US model of private autonomy, not Europe’s statist model

Universities should not impose quotas on privately educated students. It is a crude tool which may exclude those from humble backgrounds

“Employers are crying out for people with technical skills and real-world experience”

‘I know that my obituary will read “Lipman Gets Cut Off”, but I honestly thought the BT ‘ology commercials were toasted bagels-until Nigel Farage brought it all back’

Call me crazy but I don’t think the good people of the Cambridge Union like Gabriel Latner.

I mentioned yesterday how the Union decided to fine Latner 20% of his vote for violating election rules. That violation consisted of campaigning for votes during an interview with the Cambridge Tab where Latner said:

The state has subordinated intellectual purposes and diminished the freedom and independence that were once the hallmark of academic life.

The Times Higher Education (Supplement) is a guaranteed source of amusement, notably the inadvertent light it sheds on the ‘culture’ of that sector. This book review in the latest issue is not a parody but an example of the work going on in British humanities departments.