Road to recovery or just another Balls-up?

‘With a $15 trillion national debt continuing to grow, it’s understandable if Obama prefers to shift the focus onto those social and personal areas where he regularly beats Romney’

‘New Labour’s top brass doesn’t live on council estates, but it might have the decency to check the impact its policies have had on the UK labour market’

‘If you were a CEO, would you base your company in the United States, with one of the world’s highest corporate tax rates?’

‘We need to present a career in the army as a proven route out of the structural unemployment which dogs young Muslims’

Life in Birmingham as a vicar’s wife opened our Mole’s eyes to what has become of Britain’s second city

In my Observer column I point out that the government may make inflation forecasts and debt forecasts but not unemployment forecasts. Well, just imagine if one of those were to leak out now! However with a little digging you can work out what the government is thinking, and it is not happy thoughts.