UK Politics

“Punk’s politics began in creativity and generalised disgust, but ended in stupidity and fascism”

By putting the left-wing case for Brexit, the party can lift a referendum debate so far dominated by Etonian egos and Little Englanders

Is the unlikeliest Labour leader a ruthless operator or an idealist whose views never really grew up?

‘The accusation against Harold Wilson is that the mystery concealed nothing’

The UK debate over air strikes reveals the strategic void at the heart of Westminster

David Cameron’s deradicalisation strategy depends on guiding potential jihadists away from Islamic extremism. But can the mentors be trusted?      

Both Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn are hostile to the establishment and oppose centrist politics — but the similarities between these apparent opposites go much deeper than that

Does the Sun’s switch in support matter? No, is the short answer. The media’s power is vastly overestimated both by politicians and, of course, journalists, but also by ideologues from all sides who blame the defeat of their hopes on the power of the Tory press, if they are left wing, or BBC bias if they are on the right.

Much commentary has been spent on the prospect of pre-election debates between the three party leaders, although I can’t see why Nick Clegg has to be included since he has no prospects of occupying the highest office.