Tony Blair

The Prime Minister acts like a figure from the era of Clinton and Blair. Their style of politics is dead and he needs a new one

Tony Blair has written a fantastic piece for the Wall Street Journal about ‘making Muslim integration work’. As ever, it is spot on. His piece reminds us of the clarity and sense of purpose which pervaded his administration, and which is so desperately lacking today.

We were obsessed — but what did Baghdad bloggers think of the Chilcot Inquiry?

The BBC and the rest of the media elite will never forgive Blair for betraying them

Tomorrow, a rag-tag army of poorly informed students, unemployed people, members of fringe Socialist parties and Islamists will descend upon Westminster in what may be their final chance to call Tony Blair a liar when he arrives to give his testimony to the Chilcot inquiry.

Tony Blair has explained, for the first time, the events of 2003 that led to the sacking of Lord Irvine and the creation of the Supreme Court. He accepts full responsibility for an “extremely bumpy” process.

So now we know. Hizb ut Tahrir, the group which loves to project itself as the vanguard of Islam has been receiving handouts from the British state to run a series of schools called the Islamic Shakhsiyah (means ‘personality’) Foundation (ISF).