Theresa May

“If May had not called her wholly unnecessary 2017 general election and thrown away the Conservative majority, the Brexit process would not now be in the dire state it is.”

After Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, defeatists say the UK should never again intervene militarily abroad. The PM knows they are wrong 

Brexit is already causing the biggest shakeup of British politics for a generation. But the biggest loser may prove to have the last laugh

The new Prime Minister has much more in common with the Iron Lady than is generally believed — and may have to fight similar battles

“We are all living with the consequences of the great American abdication of the last decade.”

“There was a gasp as Theresa May announced she was giving Boris her backing and loyalty”

“In her first two months on the bridge, Theresa May has skilfully steered the ship of state away from hazardous Continental rocks and into the open sea”

“Theresa May’s safe pair of hands seems a great blessing after the vacuum Cameron and Osborne left us in”

If the UK makes the most of Brexit, it will boost prosperity so much that the EU won’t be able to ignore the lessons of the Leave vote 

After the surprising collapse of the dream ticket, the Conservatives must choose a leader who can offer optimism and hope