The West

The great statesman and orator traced the disintegration of the Republic to Rome’s desperate lack of principled leadership

“In her first two months on the bridge, Theresa May has skilfully steered the ship of state away from hazardous Continental rocks and into the open sea”

A Donald Trump presidency would test the alliance to breaking point at a time when it faces threats across a wide range of fronts

Samuel Huntington is now unfashionable on both Left and Right. But his global predictions look more accurate with every passing year

We must be prepared to defend our civilisation’s values with policies muscular enough to protect us from the growing totalitarian threat

‘What makes the West unique are not recent phenomena, such as modern technology, but cultural factors which had been at work long before modernisation began some two centuries ago’

How many more atrocities must Western societies endure before the question of what to do about radical Islam is taken seriously?

The BDS movement is the latest phase in the history of anti-Jewish prejudice but the backlash against its pernicious influence has begun

‘In Syria and Iraq my enemy’s enemy is not my friend, not even by the wildest stretch of the imagination’

Europe was the great engine of invention in the 19th century, the US in the 20th. But can they keep up with their 21st century competito?