The Holocaust

Like me, the Nobel laureate Imre Kertész was in Budapest when the Nazis came for the Jews. Now it is too late to ask him about that time

Victims of the Nazis and their heirs who seek return of their property or compensation are fobbed off by obstructive courts and corporations

The Yale historian Timothy Snyder’s advocacy of a new Cold War has led him to use the Shoah as a tool of contemporary politics

Chernovtsy’s literary festival is an unexpected way for residents to connect with the Ukrainian city’s lost past

Cruel Crossing charts the history of the escape routes in the Pyrenees used by Spanish republican, then French Jewish refugees. It is a thoughtful memorial to these brave and desperate people

A new biopic is shameless in its boosterism of the author of Eichmann in Jerusalem, whose dubious legacy should be given its proper context

The Taste of Ashes by Marci Shore is a history typical of a modern, intellectual “non-Jewish” Jew, which downplays the impact of the Holocaust

‘The notion that the three Abrahamix religions is wholly Western. Like “European”, “Abrahamic” is at best platitudinous, at worst bogus’

Europe’s most celebrated author is playing with fire in his latest novel

‘Europeans routinely repeat “Never Again!” but their commitment is not to prevent another Holocaust—it is rather to prevent war at all costs’