The Enlightenment

What is “enlightenment”, and did one happen in 18th-century Ireland?

Anthony Pagden’s celebration of the Enlightenment swiftly turns into a sustained, and unwarranted, diatribe against religion

Historical awareness is no longer seen as the cornerstone of a good education. We are falling victim to cultural amnesia

Richard Dawkins cannot grasp the distinction between knowledge and wisdom. This puts him at war not only with religion, but the entire tradition of Western philosophy

‘Capitalism renews itself incessantly: it has survived wars and revolutions, booms and busts, depressions and inflations. As long as the West does not renounce capitalism, its long-term prosperity is secure’

Couples don’t take their wedding vows seriously when they can get out of matrimony more easily than their mortgage

‘China’s place in the world is that of a plagiariser — the intellectual equivalent of the faked designer bags you find in Beijing’