Tate Britain

A major exhibition at Tate Britain offers a welcome opportunity to take in a broad view of an artist who reinvigorated art

From the birth of photography, its practitioners and artists fed off each other to find new ways of seeing

A Tate exhibition successfully argues that the empire transformed British art as much as British trade    

A Tate retrospective of Frank Auerbach’s work reveals a man doggedly committed to his art 

Abstraction was long seen as the future. But figurative painting has refused to die and the art world is rewriting its own story

Two summer exhibitions present differing visions of civilisation

The artist’s late paintings shocked and baffled his contemporaries but there was method in his madness

An exhibition of folk art at Tate Britain is a reminder of the human need for creation and tradition

The Tate’s chronological ‘hang’ of its pictures has ruffled some feathers but it means art lovers can now fly on their own wings

Three shows run the gamut of artistic expression, from the glorious Goya to risibile performance art