Standpoint Recommends: The Tacitus Lecture 2012

Standpoint readers may be interested in the 25th annual World Traders’ Tacitus Lecture, delivered by Terry Smith, Chief Executive of Tullett Prebon and regular Newsnight contributor. The talk, titled “Is ‘Occupy’ Right?” offers a nuanced view of the Occupy movement from an ardent free-marketeer:

Like Tacitus I am by training a historian. In his “Life of Agricola”, Tacitus described “Londinium” as “a town of highest repute and a busy emporium for trade and traders”, and it is with maintaining that very valuable status that I am concerned in my lecture tonight.

To those of you who know me, the title I have chosen for this lecture must have come as a shock. You may find it unlikely that I would sympathise with the Occupy movement. To declare my position at the outset, I am a supporter of the market economy, small government and I’m a climate change sceptic so I would not really be the obvious profile for this subject.

Even if it were not for those views, taken quite literally I could answer the question which my title poses by saying “How could you know?”

You can read the rest of the speech here and follow Terry Smith’s ”Straight Talking” blog here.

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