Supreme Court

Obama presents himself as the greatest gift history has ever bestowed on the presidency. He would do well to respect the forefathers who made his presidency possible

‘Lady Hale argues persuasively that diversity in its widest sense should be regarded as essential for appointments to the Supreme Court’

The revelation that Jonathan Sumption QC will not be taking up his expected appointment to the Supreme Court until he has a window in his diary has infuriated his future colleagues.

I hear that Jonathan Sumption QC is, once again, in line for appointment as a Justice of the Supreme Court. Rumours swirling around the Bar say that solicitors enquiring about instructing him next year have been told that he may not be available.

My piece in the print edition of Standpoint this month is a tribute to Lord Bingham. In today’s Law Society Gazette, I speculate on what may happen to the court he never joined.

‘Bingham the judge sometimes seemed to be living on a higher plane than mere mortals’

The UK Supreme Court has become the victim of on-line fraudsters. Scammers have been sending out emails claiming to be from the court and requesting payments – a variant on the notorious Nigerian 419 scam.

With the Ministry of Justice planning to cut £2bn from its £9bn budget, it’s good to see the Supreme Court doing its bit by hiring out its premises for corporate events, weddings and bar mitzvahs.

My column in today’s Law Society Gazette considers whether the UK’s most senior judges have become assertive since leaving parliament. It also reveals judicial thinking on the effects of repealing the Human Rights Act.

Cuts in the Supreme Court budget compromise the independence of Britain’s most senior judges, according to the court’s deputy president, Lord Hope. Delivering the Gray’s Inn Reading at Gresham College last Thursday, he suggested that depriving the judiciary of the resources they needed to do their job properly could even jeopardise the rule of law.