The suggestion that drunkenness means it’s only non-Muslims who have a domestic violence problem ignores the sexism of Islamic laws

After finding fault with Britain’s sharia courts, Sudanese campaigner Nahla Mahmoud’s family was attacked and she was threatened online. Where are the police?

‘What do Muslim women want? It is not for a non-Muslim man to say. But I can confidently say what most of them do not want’

Here in Britain, and all over the world, men are killing women on a point of ‘honour’. Why do we tolerate the intolerable?

Liberals and feminists do not consider the oppression of women a pressing concern when done in the name of culture or religion

This week, the focus on Islamic extremism has briefly shifted to Nigeria and a group called Boko Haram. The group have gone on a killing spree in northern Nigeria, leading to the deaths of at least 150 people.

Today’s column in the Law Society Gazette reviews a series of debates at the  Temple Church called Islam in English Law. For once, I think the Ministry of Justice has got it right.