“One of the principles of public service is that it does not just consist of a race to the top with the resignation of those who lose”

‘I have always held that everything to do with “interfaith dialogue” should be regarded with intense suspicion’

After finding fault with Britain’s sharia courts, Sudanese campaigner Nahla Mahmoud’s family was attacked and she was threatened online. Where are the police?

The Church need not adopt the latest secular values in order to bring the Gospel to bear on contemporary culture

The Swiss euthanasia clinic claims to respect its patients’ dignity, but secularism alone cannot confer moral value on human life

‘The intelligentsia ignored the irruption of religious fanaticism into domestic British politics. In the face of these foes of civilisation, silence is the worst form of cowardice’

The atheists’ desire to reject all forms of religion has led to the formation of a new, irrational and intolerant, secular faith

Review of The Great Partnership: God, Science and the Search for Meaning by Jonathan Sacks

Last week marked a terrible return to violence for Iraqis living in Baghdad after a thunderous wave of truck bombs killed 95 and injured more than 1000 people.

A really interesting and short video (its only 7 minutes long) by a British Muslim woman who recently decided to stop wearing the hijab. She explains that she wore it for political reasons, not spiritual ones.