Second World War

Unpublished documents reveal how the brilliant 4th Marquess of Dufferin and Ava met his end on a wartime mission in Burma

Ian Buruma’s Year Zero deftly tells the story of 1945: the year the modern world began

Visiting the Normandy invasion beaches, I realised the importance
of the campaign in which my cousin was killed fighting for freedom

In 1945, Bernard Hailstone painted my father, the journalist Louis Heren, in the Burmese jungle. This is the story of their long friendship

The Taste of Ashes by Marci Shore is a history typical of a modern, intellectual “non-Jewish” Jew, which downplays the impact of the Holocaust

Christian Ingrao’s analysis of university-educated SS members is dense but compelling, drawing blurred lines that demarcate good and evil

The reputation of one of England’s finest composers has been indelibly stained by his refusal to fight in the Second World War

Keynesian policy recommendations are now the staple of governments around the world but it is hard to believe Keynes himself would endorse them

Churchill and Sea Power by Christopher M Bell exonerates the wartime Prime Minister of his alleged military mistakes

Halik Kochanski’s magisterial work on the cruel and chaotic legacy of World War II in Poland is history at its best