Scottish Independence

It is September 2016. The 1707 Act of Union lies rotting in the dustbin of history.

As the vote draws closer, and the Yes campaign sees a boost in the polls, have a read of Standpoint’s definitive articles on the subject

The Orkney islanders have their doubts about Scottish independence

The claimed benefits are doubtful and the risks for all Britons are considerable. Only a fool would vote for Salmond’s wild adventure

In this unnecessarily long campaign, both nationalists and unionists have peddled negative and exaggerated arguments

Alex Salmond’s blend of flag-waving and leftist economics is all too similar to the ideologies that ravaged 20th-century Europe

‘Don’t believe the polls. Either side could win the Scottish referendum’

Alex Salmond is pinning his success on the high-risk gamble that the EU will accept an independent Scotland as a full member. It won’t

‘Would Robert Burns have supported independence for Scotland? His politics are hard to pin down’