Rupert Murdoch

Owen Jones and Russell Brand peddle an anti-establishment world view that powerful secret cadres are in charge and getting away with murder

The Leveson Inquiry’s carelessness with basic democratic principles has undermined journalistic freeedom

The Corporation’s reporting and investigations are still essential-but now they are threatened from within 

‘Will the BBC suffer the same fate as British Leyland and British Shipbuilders?’

It can only be defeated if we too promise an in/out referendum on EU membership and fair, not free, movement of labour in Europe

Does Rupert Murdoch know about his paper’s vendetta against the UKIP leader?

The logic behind a nationalised broadcaster was never perfect. In the age of subscription television and the internet it is indefensible

While woeful arts coverage on ITV and the BBC looks beyond saving, the two Sky Arts channels offer brave, and often unpredictable, film-making

Rupert Murdoch’s critics will never concede that the tycoon has any merits — but our media would be worse off without him

Our most cherished liberty is up for grabs at the Leveson inquiry, but it cannot be entrusted to a new tribunal to muzzle newspapers