Anjem Choudary’s Legacy


Since the revelations that Roshonara Choudhry was encouraged to attempt the murder of Stephen Timms MP by Anwar al-Awlaki’s online sermons, Youtube have begun removing Awlaki’s videos from their server, and they have quite a big job on their hands.  Whether or not this is an effective tactic to prevent online radicalisation is debatable, but not in the remit of this post (for more on that issue see here).  Today, we are looking at a British online network of Awlaki supporters and promoters, many of whom seem to be splintered from Anjem Choudary’s now banned Islam4UK/al-Muhajiroun organisation.

Starting with the Youtube channels, here are but a few members of this online network, all of whom are former Choudary followers:

On each of these Youtube channels you will find videos of known former Islam4UK/al-Mujajiroun members (including the recently released Abu Izzadeen), mixed in with various Awlaki sermons and works by other known Salafi-jihadists.  Indeed, a number of them also include videos of Anjem Choudary.

Now to the websites currently being run by Anjem Choudary’s former minions that promote Awlaki and other English speaking Salafi-Jihadists: – has all the main Salafi-Jihadists apart from Awlaki, not quite clear why this is – it is not 100% clear if this site is run by former al-Muhajiroun members, but it includes a video sermon by Saif al Islam – better known as Ishtiaq Alamghir, one of the organisers of the protests against the Royal Anglican regiment in Luton and one of Choudary’s right-hand men (I have blogged on him before).  – this is the website counterpart for the above mentioned londondawah youtube channel and is also linked to Salafimedia

There are many more out there, and it is very likely that at least some of the radicalising material downloaded by Roshonara Choudhry came from people connected to this online network.



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