Ronald Reagan

The new President was elected by voters who feel that he is on their side. They are probably right: he will put America back to work    

The new Prime Minister has much more in common with the Iron Lady than is generally believed — and may have to fight similar battles

The reality of the end of the Cold War was a lot more complicated than the myths which have formed around it would suggest

Assassins is a tasteless but energetic gallop through the long roll-call of America’s obsessive killers

Mrs Thatcher often went on an after-dinner walk and she asked me to accompany her on several occasions. Years later, to my delight, she remembered these strolls

The Iron Lady’s record with authoritarians is mixed but her profound confidence in the democratic rights of all peoples shines through

‘The reaction to lady thatcher’s death in the US brought an avalanche of affection and praise both on the Right and the Left’

‘Despite Reagan’s “crusade” to “foster the infrastructure of democracy”, there are more elections but they decide less and less’