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‘In the gap where arguments and examples should be, the President invoked God, attacked the Republicans and invoked spectacle’

 On both sides of the Atlantic, the centre-Right has a leadership problem. To paraphrase Dr Johnsonon the widower who, having lost his uncongenial first wife, could not wait to marry again: the re-election of Barack Obama last month was a triumph of the politics of hope over the reality of experience. His wretched record notwithstanding, Americans gritted their teeth and rewarded their president with a second term. Why did they do this? Those who depend on big government—public sector employees, single mothers “married to the state”, and so on—had a positive reason to vote for Obama. The rest did not. What, then, were they voting against?

Herman Cain’s chances of becoming US President have been put paid to by allegations of sexual harassment. But can Newt Gingrich seize the moral high ground?