Al-Muhajiroun Rally


Yesterday, I went along to the rally against British troops in Kensington organised by Muslims Against Crusades, a splinter group of al-Muhajiroun.

Three members of the group were arrested, one for assaulting a police officer, and two for disorderly behaviour. I happened to catch them just before they were loaded into the wagon, here they are:

(quality not all that great, sorry, I’m not so brill with the camera)

Among those who were marching, I recognised five who were members of the now banned al-Muhajiroun.

Here are some more pictures I took:

This genius led the chants, and by the looks of the picture, he needed a crib sheet to remind him of the two very basic slogans he was tasked with shouting. These were ‘British soldiers – terrorists’, and ‘British soldiers – go to hell’.


This one is a bit blurry – the sign reads ‘our dead are in paradise, your dead are in hell!’.  Presumably, what he means by ‘our dead’ are the Taliban and other jihadists.



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