More Evidence on New Islam4UK Front


Yesterday, I blogged about the connections between banned extremist group al-Muhajiroun, and Voting is Shirk, an East London based group who are urging Muslims not to vote.  Looking in detail at the videos on the Voting is Shirk Youtube page, we have now found more connections between the two groups.

One video on their Youtube page is of Ishtiaq Alamghir, a former leading member of al-Muhajiroun/Islam4UK, who was the face of the protests against British Soldiers in Luton and who recently accosted Baroness Sayeeda Warsi:

It appears that Voting is Shirk is also operating under the online name of ‘Project Dawah’, with the latter’s videos also on the same Youtube page.  In the Project Dawah/Voting is Shirk video (see below), the Voting is Shirk leaflet mentioned in my last post is on display, held up by another former al-Mujahiroun/Islam4UK member [1:21 mins]:

Later on, in the same video, another former al-Muhajiroun/Islam4UK man makes an appearance [2:32].  He previously appeared in Islam4UK videos of their street demonstrations [2:12]:

4:36 minutes into the Project Dawah/Voting is Shirk video, we see yet another former al-Muhajiroun/Islam4UK man.  Here he is converting people on the street to Islam in an old Islam4UK video [1:41]:

43 seconds into this Islam4UK video, we see a man with a prayer cap:

He also appears in a Voting is Shirk video [1:00]:

In June 2009, al-Muhajiroun/Islam4UK attempted to host a debate at London’s Conway Hall.  In one of the pictures from that debate, there is a man directly behind and to the left of Anjem Choudary:

He also makes an appearance in this Voting is Shirk video [2:33]:

There are at least three other former al-Muhajiroun/Islam4UK members in the Voting is Shirk Videos, who a number of people, including myself, saw with Anjem Choudary at the Conway Hall event.  Also present were police with video cameras – they will have all the evidence to link a number of Voting is Shirk members with the banned al-Muhajiroun/Islam4UK group, the only question is whether or not they will act on it.


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