Paris Attacks

From inner-city Paris to la France profonde, immigration has changed everything

After Paris and Brussels, Londoners need to wake up to the alarming reality of a capital in which Islamist enclaves are allowed to flourish

In the aftermath of the November 13 attacks, Paris hovers between defiance and disorientation

Liberalism is a two-faced creed. It can mean that you believe in individual freedom and abhor every variety of prejudice, including the prejudice that allows men to shoot journalists dead for producing a magazine they disapprove of.  Or it can mean that you go to such lengths to take account of your enemy’s opinions you become indistinguishable from him.

The clash between secularists and cultural relativists is forcing feminists to take sides — at the risk of accusations of Islamophobia

IS is just the latest in a long line of Islamist terror groups to attack France. But a study of military history shows how it can be destroyed

My country has been let down by its leaders. The French problem is intractable, but the fightback must begin with enforcing the rule of law  

How many more atrocities must Western societies endure before the question of what to do about radical Islam is taken seriously?

“The new Islamist Terror of the 21st century has so far exacted a global death toll at least in the hundreds of thousands, most of them civilians.”