Alarmingly, there are credible Western voices advocating a grand bargain with Russia

Would a more Churchillian prime minister have reacted more robustly to Russia going rogue?

‘Rather than being “tired of war”, more likely the American public is tired of not actually winning one for some time’

‘Obama found it easier to perform the role of critical intellectual than commander-in-chief’

Until Republicans convince voters that strong foreign policy is crucial to national security, America’s decline will continue

The conventional wisdom on fiscal policy doesn’t add up. A glance at the data and one realises that the media panic is unjustified

The President’s policy on the Arab Spring echoes Jimmy Carter’s reluctance to use force during the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979-80

She is overpaid, overhyped and may soon be over here, as Obama’s ambassador. But does the Empress of New York fashion have any clothes?

Obama presents himself as the greatest gift history has ever bestowed on the presidency. He would do well to respect the forefathers who made his presidency possible

What will it take for the Obama administration to realise that their treasured “Reset” is the foreign policy equivalent of Monty’s Python’s dead parrot? The insults and harassment heaped upon Michel McFaul, the American Ambassador to Russia, apparently aren’t enough.