“The most radical health reforms will be made necessary in the next Parliament by events, dear reader, events.”

‘Why have many people who support the idea of local property taxation come out against the mansion tax?’

“Carnage on the beach because they have their Iron Dome.” For this read: “Not enough Jews dead!

Press officers and PRs are corrupting public life. Journalists must lead a revolt against this pestilential trade

Like other stage depictions of the NHS, This May Hurt a Bit worships a system in desperate need of reform

Until recently I hadn’t needed the help of the NHS. Prostate Cancer has made it an important part of my life

Since the inauguration of the NHS, governments have increasingly paid lip service to midwives. We must not let this precious asset be further marginalised

Jeremy Hunt claims events at Stafford Hospital were a betrayal of the principles of the NHS. In fact, they were their apotheosis

‘It can’t just be a coincidence that the UK has rubbish colon screening and some of the highest mortality rates for bowel cancer in the Western world’