The BBC’s fear of outsiders drives away talent and makes its news programmes timid and forgettable

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Embarrassed by their own lacklustre work, Auntie’s reporters refuse to acknowledge the graft of others

British television editors still live in the 1980s, where the world of Netflix and iTunes is a distant dream

‘As the Petraeus story develops, I am left wondering: is the new American morality that one should love the sin, yet hate the sinner?’

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The BBC’s managers thought they could kill the Savile sex abuse story. Now it is coming back to haunt them

For all the Arts community’s grandstanding about its political value, none of its number was brave enough to protest the late, great M.F. Husain’s plight

The recent controversy surrounding the funding of schools with links to Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT) has certainly shaken the group right up to its British leadership.  Now the Spittoon blog are reporting that they are in contact with a mole within the group, who is passing on vital information including details on an uppcoming Executive Committee election.

Now that the Conservative Party has admitted that David Cameron made a small error when criticising the government for giving public funds to the Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation (ISF) – a charity which runs schools that teach Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT) ideology – the ball is right back in Labour’s court.