Halik Kochanski’s magisterial work on the cruel and chaotic legacy of World War II in Poland is history at its best

‘I’ve come to the conclusion that revolution is something you can’t make It’s a happening rather than a planned operation and attempts to force it don’t quite work out’

‘Germans longed for Olympic medals as validation, but were surprised at how London rose to the occasion’

As long as his family still runs the Wagner festival, it will remain tainted by its links with the Nazis

The attempt by Gunter Grass, who has died at the age of 87, to hide his past as a member of the Waffen SS was a shameful betrayal of his countrymen, and invalidates his life’s work

Christy Campbell’s focused, meticulous account of the V-weapon campaign of 1944 provides a neat counterpoint to the magisterial grand narrative of Antony Beevor’s The Second World War

Keith Lowe’s attempt to blur the moral distinctions between Nazis and Jews makes Savage Continent as distasteful as it is misleading

‘Unlike Nazis shooting defenceless women and children into ditches, or herding them into purpose-built as chambers, RAF air crew faced the nightly risk of violent death’

Book review of Hitler: A Short Biography by A.N. Wilson

The debate over whether Oxford university’s Hanseatic scholarships were paid for by Nazi profiteering continues. Two eminent academics put forward their cases