As a young, liberal British Muslim woman, I am tired of bureaucratic waffle. It is time for the government to get serious about radicalisation

“What impressed those of us who heard Father Halik was that Professor Tomáš Halik spoke much more forcefully than any British cleric would dare to do on such a formal occasion.”

Our future King’s dominion will be unrecognisable but the political class has not yet come to terms with its fast-changing landscape

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As Robert S. Leiken argues in his brilliant new book, Britain’s lost confidence in nationhood has made it the centre of European jihadism

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‘Forty years after the 1971 Immigration Act, the numbers arriving are unprecedented. We need a breathing space’

For forty years multiculturalism enabled the authorities to ignore the effects of immigration in Woolwich. The riots have changed all that

The Turkish-born German sociologist and critic of Islamism Necla Kelek and the classical liberal economist Karen Horn discuss the failure of integration with the Editor of Standpoint, Daniel Johnson, in Berlin

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel at first dismissed, then embraced Thilo Sarrazin’s attack on multiculturalism