Flight Past the Green Mountain

A mixed goody-bag post, this one, because there’s a lot to squeeze in today. First, please meet the fabulous Kit Hesketh Harvey and his latest project for the Armonico Consort, Monteverdi’s Flying Circus, which opens tonight in Warwick. It’s the story of Claudio Monteverdi through his own music and Carnival time in Venice…great stuff. Read more here.

Next, huge thanks to Dilettante Music for setting me up with dear Norman Perryman, the musical kinetic artist whose paintings of the great musicians and paint interpretation of Gerontius grace Symphony Hall, Birmingham. (Above, in action…). Yesterday and today he’s with George Benjamin and the Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam: live-created moving paintings that blend with the sounds – rather like a ballet in paint. Juliana Farha, supremo of Dilettante Music, got us to talk to each other via Skype and filmed the results with a split screen. The technology is way beyond me – discussing our various creative processes and how music comes into his painting and my writing was the easy bit. We made life difficult for our doughty editors (thanks, WildKatPR!), as it’s easier to start us talking than stop us. Here’s the result.

And last, but not least and rather late, I was involved in a programme on Radio 4 called Soul Music, devoted to the Faure Requiem. The first airing was on Tuesday around lunchtime, but if you missed it you can catch it again tomorrow afternoon at 3.30pm. Or on the internet here.

That should keep you busy for a bit. Enjoy. Meanwhile, a composer friend writes to me that for many in that profession the ROH or other venues cannot swallow their entire copyright whole, because their publishers have done that already… 

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