Mohammed Ali Harrath

IEngage, once Inayat Bunglawala’s vanity project, has written about my piece in the Wall Street Journal from a few weeks ago.

In my piece I condemned the London Muslim Centre, inter alia, for hosting Khalid Yasin who has described the beliefs of Christian and Jews as ‘filth’. IEngage replies:

The Quilliam Foundation announced yesterday that they will soon be releasing a report on the UK’s Islam Channel.  Quilliam co-director, Maajid Nawas, has sent around a text message publicising the upcoming release, claiming that the channel is a portal for ‘extremism, bias, sexism, sectarianism and attacks on mainstream Muslim practices.’  In response, the Islam Channel has issued Quilliam with a pre emptive libel threat, claiming that the report they haven’t seen yet is defamatory.