Now Pletnev’s dropped out

News this morning that Mikhail Pletnev (see yesterday’s post) has pulled out of his scheduled appearances at the Proms and the Edinburgh Festival. He will be replaced by Andrey Boreyko at both concerts.

Here is the statement issued by the Russian National Orchestra’s press office:

Mikhail Pletnev decided today (August 5th 2010) that he will not be conducting the concerts of the RNO in London on August 18th and in Edinburgh on August 19th in order to have the necessary time to deal with the accusations against him. Andrey Boreyko, a former Member of the RNO Conductor Collegium, has been named as his replacement for both UK concerts. Pletnev commented on his decision: “I do not wish to overshadow the wonderful music making of the RNO and their tour in the UK with the current accusations surrounding my person. I will not comment on the ongoing investigation, but I hope the matter will be resolved speedily and it will be clear that I am innocent of the accusations against me. I look forward to returning to the UK with my orchestra soon”.

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