Michaela Community School

Michael Gove was hated because people prefer the bigotry of low expectations to fixing Britain’s education system. But he was right

Inspectors trust good schools to control pupils’ behaviour. So why do they try to impose child-centred teaching? It’s time for reform

‘In New York schools where they teach a core knowledge curriculum, some of the poorest children are discussing Shakespeare at four years old’

‘There is such a shortage of places in London that schools will soon have to start teaching in shifts—as they are forced to in developing countries’

‘The madness of the education debate has reached a point where NUT members would prefer to see a school building sold to a capitalist developer rather than see a free school succeed’

‘The opposition to free schools can be intimidating—you’d think we were building nuclear bombs, not setting up a school’

The teaching unions don’t care about teachers or children. They care only about themselves. The result is a broken education system