Mervyn King

At the height of the 2008 banking crisis, Mervyn King backed the wrong plan, which triggered a vicious deflationary shock in the UK

‘Mervyn King has been the most disastrous Governor in the Bank of England’s history’

The gap between big business and small businesses is growing. Unfortunately Vince Cable and Mervyn King are no bridge builders

‘If Mervyn King should be awarded a medal for his bravery before a solid redoubt of fact, he also deserves a prize for the exceptional selectiveness of his memory’

‘What would have happened to Britain’s economy if the ECB’s Mario Draghi, rather than Mervyn King, had been governor of the Bank of England in 2007?’

Alistair Darling was the luckless understudy to Gordon Brown and Mervyn King as they led Britain into an avoidable recession

Is Quantitative Easing really a euphemism for printing money? And should we be more concerned about bank deposits or note issue when it comes to “money aggregate” causing a rise in inflation?