Mavi Marmara

‘Turkey’s decision to escalate tensions with Israel is an effort to reassert itself as the leader of a neo-Ottoman Empire’

‘As de Gucht has proved, if anyone is being irrational about the Middle East, it’s not the Jews, it’s the EU’

‘When Western journalists note in a casual aside that press freedom has experienced certain setbacks under the AKP, they are failing to do justice to the severity of this calamity and its ramifications for Turkey and the region’

“Why would a country that is both an ally of the United States and Nato as well as an aspiring member of the European Union brazenly declare its solidarity with a terrorist group outlawed by both? The answer lies in the increasingly Islamist nature of Erodgan’s regime as well as the complicated relationship his party AKP has enjoyed with I.H.H.”

The Gaza flotilla incident tells us much about the state of the alliance between Islamists and leftists in Europe