Martin Amis

They cast their literary spells over a generation, but have Martin Amis and Ian McEwan merit as moralists?

Martin Amis is a true writer but Lionel Asbo is yet another example of his failure to break into a new vein

The tale of Martin Amis’s dead talent is so popular in the press that it has become a cliché. But his detractors’ criticisms increasingly focus on his private life, not his literature

The Pregnant Widow by Martin Amis

There is much to talk about in Ian McEwan’s Solar.  As I say in today’s Observer,he makes a hat tip to John Updike and allows the great issue of global warming to be explained through the devious manoeuvres of a slobby and disreputable hero, Michael Beard. However, McEwan goes to some trouble to show that there are worse people in the world than Beard by sending him to meet a postmodern audience at the Institute of Contemporary Arts.