Lord Chief Justice

The ‘modernising’ of the judiciary by politicians, and their insistence judges be cosy with senior civil servants, undermines a centuries-old institution

The excellent Human Rights Blog has a useful summary this morning of where the main political parties stand on the Human Rights Act 1998 (although the Tory policy — “replace the Human Rights Act with a UK Bill of Rights” – strikes me as deliberately misleading.

In my column for the Law Society Gazette today, I analyse the recent speech on the subject by the Lord Chief Justice and suggest that Lord Judge has been misunderstood.

The Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales expressed concern today about a proposal that would allow a prosecutor to drop a case if it was not “a proportionate response to the specific offending”.

Nobody was surprised when Lord Judge complained at the Lord Mayor’s dinner last Tuesday that the Government was passing too many laws. But his complaint about being suffocated by too many cases received far less attention.