Lionel Shriver

Lionel Shriver is right: “cultural appropriation” is an idea that fatally suffocates writers and artists

Lionel Shriver’s latest novel is a a speculative spin on the disintegration of the United States

Big Brother is Lionel Shriver at her cold-eyed best; a nourishing helping of fearless, humane and sober prose

Lionel Shriver’s new novel brilliantly describes the problems of on-the-spot reportage, a journalistic difficulty negotiated deftly in two recent books about The Troubles

The leading cancer specialist, Dr Karol Sikora, and the author and Standpoint columnist, Lionel Shriver, discuss healthcare in Britain and America with the Editor, Daniel Johnson

‘We have veritably criminalised making money. The proposition that rich people have rights, too, has flown out the window’