With hindsight, it is easy for MPs to fault the West’s intervention. But overthrowing Gaddafi was the right thing to do at the time

Under Gaddafi, Libya was plagued by xenophobic attacks. But now its citizens are reveling in their new-found racial freedom

Libya will not be another Iraq. The doom-mongers in the Western media would be wise to focus on Libya’s massive business potential

‘The Arab Spring may turn out to be a big disappointment for the promoters of democracy and their Western supporters’

Benghazi is bust. The UK government is needlessly witholding funds from the Libyan rebels as they battle Gaddafi’s forces. It must free the money now

‘Only the West can botch anything up. And when the rest of the world botches things up, it’s the West’s fault for making them do it’

‘More than 40 years later, it is immensely moving to see — and share — the delight of the countless brave Libyans whose revolution is bringing this unspeakable regime to an end’

Reproduced below is my latest analysis for the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, King’s College, London.

‘France and Britain might have achieved the stated goals of protecting civilians and toppling Gaddafi had they intervened a month earlier. Now they have no guarantee of success.’

Ignoring the silenced millions, Western journalists got the Middle East all wrong