Liberal Democrats

The record of the former Liberal Democrat leader and Deputy Prime Minister is too easily ridiculed

‘I have always kept a special portion of my spleen dedicated to loathing the Liberal Democrats’

‘After 2010, the Liberal Democrats got steadily stronger on foreign policy, a field in which their polyglot leader was visibly comfortable’

The establishment hid Cyril Smith’s crimes. Imagine what they will do when the press is state-regulated

After finding fault with Britain’s sharia courts, Sudanese campaigner Nahla Mahmoud’s family was attacked and she was threatened online. Where are the police?

The dearth of women at the top of the party and a laid-back approach to sex has left the Lib Dems open to accusations of sleaze and sexism

Despite Disraeli’s dictum, a coterie of dons and mandarins aims to end the two-party system and keep the Lib Dems in power

‘The decision to elect the House of Lords is a piece of constitutional vandalism driven by the Liberal Democrats’

‘The Lib Dems say they stand for “the freedom, dignity and well-being of individuals”. But it is the freedom of men rather than women that is prioritised’

Party-funding and constitutional reform reveal the Whitehall machine playing into the hands—and coffers—of the Lib Dems